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2011 ISAF Summer Meeting: September 29-30
The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: The First Five Years

This meeting will highlight research of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment over the first five years. Presentations will focus on several aspects of the research being conducting in this long-term project, including initial findings of responses of plants and selected animals to timber harvesting. Confirmed presenters and topics include Rebecca Kalb, Project Overview; Jeffrey Holland, Woodboring Beetles; Brian MacGowan, Box turtles and Rattlesnakes; Jennifer Wagner, Cerulean warblers; and Mike Saunders, Harvests/Overstory. Other presentation topics may include Acoustic bat sampling, Salamanders; Small mammals and oak mast, birds, owls and oak mast, and economics and social attitudes.

The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment is a long-term, large-scale experimental study of forest management and its impacts on plants and animals.

The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: The First Five Years
Thursday, September 29
10:00 INSAF Executive Committee Meeting
12:00 Registration
12:30 Welcome, Housekeeping
12:45 SAF Update - Dave Walters, SAF Council Representative
1:15 HEE Overview - Rebecca Kalb, Scott Haulton
1:45 Cerulean Warblers - Jennifer Wagner, Ball State University
2:30 Acoustic Bat Sampling - Joseph Duchamp, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
3:00 Break
3:30 Wood-boring Beetles - Jeffrey Holland, Purdue University
4:00 Break
4:15 ISAF Business Meeting - Mike Saunders
6:00 Cook-out Dinner
7:30 Stump-hole Tournament - Lawn Hospitality Room
Friday, September 30
7:00 - 8:00 Breakfast, Dining Room
8:45 Vans depart BCI parking lot; travel to HEE sites, Yellowwood State Forest
9:15 Arrive at Unit 6 Clearcut
9:15: Clearcut Harvests, Mike Saunders
9:45: Snakes/Turtles, Brian McGowan
10:05: Bird Community Changes, Jeff Riegel
10:30 Travel to Unit 6 Shelterwood
10:40: Shelterwood Harvests, Mike Saunders
11:05: Salamander Grid, Rob Chapman
11:35: Mast Trees, Jeff Riegel
11:150 Travel to Bridge House
Noon Lunch, Bridgehouse, Yellowwood State Forest
12:45 Discussion of Economic and Social Implications - Bill Hoover
1:45 Load vans, travel to Unit 8
2:00 Arrive Unit 8
2:15: Owls, Jeff Riegel
2:35: Group Harvests, Mike Saunders
3:05: Cerulean Warbler Territories, Jennifer Wagner/Jeff Riegel
3:30 Vans depart Unit 8, travel back to Brown County Inn
4:00 Arrive back at Brown County Inn, Adjourn